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Make a YouTube promotional video of at least 3 minutes
In the video, it must contain a deposit and withdrawal
Minimum subscriber is 10000 and about crypto
Include a referral link in the video description
Submit your video to Email Oldcrypto

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14345ta******83@gmail.com0.00827386 LTC24 Minutes ago
14344pr******@gmail.com0.00000074 BTC52 Minutes ago
14343mo******.anfaz@yahoo.com0.00010514 LTC1 Hour, 12 Minutes ago
14342pr******@gmail.com0.00010710 LTC3 Hours, 3 Minutes ago
14341pr******@gmail.com0.00010759 LTC6 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
14340pr******@gmail.com0.00010806 LTC9 Hours, 41 Minutes ago
14339li******imas95@gmail.com0.00012048 LTC9 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
14338pr******@gmail.com0.00010719 LTC15 Hours, 1 Minute ago
14337pr******@gmail.com0.00010813 LTC18 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
14336do******nos02@gmail.com0.00000037 BTC19 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
14335aj******a15@gmail.com0.00017150 LTC19 Hours, 38 Minutes ago
14334pr******@gmail.com0.00010777 LTC21 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
14333ru******ione1@gmail.com0.00010737 LTC23 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
14332mi******gmail.com0.00000369 BTC23 Hours, 44 Minutes ago
14331pr******@gmail.com0.00010753 LTC1 Day, 1 Hour ago