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Make a YouTube promotional video of at least 3 minutes
In the video, it must contain a deposit and withdrawal
Minimum subscriber is 10000 and about crypto
Include a referral link in the video description
Submit your video to Email Oldcrypto

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11727me******55@gmail.com0.00000058 BTC4 Minutes ago
11726he******anto4302@gmail.com0.00000035 BTC6 Minutes ago
11725vi******tur@gmail.com0.03797072 LTC10 Minutes ago
11724bu******gmail.com0.00001762 BTC11 Minutes ago
11723yu******uni@gmail.com0.00000246 BTC26 Minutes ago
11722no******si@gmail.com0.00006133 BTC31 Minutes ago
11721fr******mail.com0.00000040 BTC31 Minutes ago
11720ab******i@gmail.com0.00133027 LTC32 Minutes ago
11719pe******nline212@gmail.com0.00000036 BTC34 Minutes ago
11718za******a@gmail.com0.00006220 BTC48 Minutes ago
11717nr******rr@gmail.com0.00012145 LTC49 Minutes ago
11716pe******oding07@gmail.com0.00012108 LTC1 Hour, 1 Minute ago
11715i6******@gmail.com0.00000146 BTC1 Hour, 10 Minutes ago
11714bi******hatlysa@gmail.com0.00012145 LTC1 Hour, 13 Minutes ago
11713w_******a@ymail.com0.00097158 LTC1 Hour, 14 Minutes ago